We suggest using this order form as a guide when ordering shades. We realize there are many different shade, trim, stencil, and pull options. It can get a little confusing. The most effective way to order shades is to communicate with us directly by phone (503.659.0914) or E-mail. We will answer your questions and concerns regarding shade options, what will work best for your windows, and how to measure correctly.


Select Shade Cloth:

1. Ecru cotton  2. Cream cotton  3. Bone cotton  4. White cotton 

Select Hem Style:

1. Plain straight hem  2. Bungalow scallop

Select Decorative Trim:    (optional)

1. Ecru braid  2. Cream braid  3. White braid  4. Ecru fringe  5. Cream fringe 6. White fringe

Select Stencil Style:  (optional)

1. Three leaf  2. Rose frieze  3. Rose  4. Ginko Jewel  5. Cottage  6. Ginko frieze

Select Pulls:

1. Cream crochet ring   2. Tassel: Ecru, Cream or White   3. Metal style pull: Antique, Burnished or Pewter


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